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Gift of Flowers

Why do people like to send and receive flowers.... Because they make us happy, joyful and provide comfort and peace. Study after study shows, there is a real benefit for living a life alongside flowers.

It is widely known that the impact of flowers provides a positive effect on life and our well being. Simply put, it is a great way for us to stay connected to family and friends by sending one of God's most

beautiful creations, the gift of flowers. Whether it's a special time to say "I love you" or just simply a "pick me up" thinking of you, flowers help us to know we are loved. The Society of Horticulture Science

proved through research that hospitalized people who kept live flowers and plants in their rooms used less pain medication and maintained a lower blood pressure.

Bright bold colors such as reds, yellow, blue, oranges and pinks are the perfect medicine on a rainy, cold day. Soft pinks and whites set the stage for a romantic evening. Pure white, creams and greenery

are very soft and comforting to people who are suffering a loss. It helps to know a persons personality when sending flowers, simply think of their favorite colors they wear every day. Whether soft and 

frilly or bright and bold. Next, think of where in the home or office the flowers will stay to provide the most benefit and enjoyment. People don't realize when ordering, they really do know more about 

their friends and family and what they would like to received. The experts at Rickey Heroman's are here to ask the right questions to help you get the perfect size and colors. Whether on a bedside table

or a large coffee table or dining area, we can arrange the perfect match to help share the gift of God's beautiful creations... and help you express your feeling through the gift of flowers.


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